Monday, May 9, 2011

Focusing on the individual, not just the event

Besides my US History classes, this year I have the pleasure of teaching 9th grade World History. In Stoneham, the 9th grade curriculum focuses on the French Revolution through the modern era (or whatever that means). Every year we struggle with finishing the content, typically rushing through WW II- many of my students' favorite part of history.

This year we decided to mix things up a bit...

After reading Double Victory I realized there were so many untold stories of World War II and that I would love to integrate this idea of telling their story with my 9th graders.

Together the 9th grade teachers designed and implemented a new research project:

Unknown Heroes and Heroines of World War II

Although some are not really "unknown" to most, they were certainly unknown to my students.

Much like National History Day, students pick a topic which corresponds to a theme and then has 4 options to present the information. The options are:

1. Creating a 3-D model which depicts an important event in the life of their person
2. Write a historical paper
3. Create a Prezi or website about their person

And my personal favorite...

4. Become the person and present their findings to the class!

Although the 9th grade curriculum is not completely relatable to TAH content, the theme of an War, Society, State and Citizenship is. Many of my students only know World War II because of the violence.

With this project we hope that they will also be able to put a face and a story with the great conflict and above all else, understand the conflicts impact on the people who lived through it.

Possible options include:
Primo Levi Spitfire Women

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  1. Ilyse - it's great that you are able to incorporate the emphasis on personal stories into your World History curriculum. Personal narratives are a great hook to maintain students' interest and excitement about history. As we discussed at the start of our study of "War, Society, State, and Citizenship:" People Matter!